About close friendship (a harmless digression)

I have no friends. I don't believe in them. "Close" friendship is an attack, an aggression on our privacy. Often friends think they've the right to know everything about us. A man without secrets isn't an interesting man. Some of my secrets I wouldn't confess them to myself. People who need too many friends show a big weakness. In addition, opening their hearts, they're exposed to be attacked by others who rarely are trustworthy, in spite of the fact that they call themselves “your friends”. The worst betrayals ever come from nearby. So it's easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend. The true warrior never shows all his weapons. A good friendship formula could be keeping "at the distance", but unfortunately human curiosity and the desire to manipulate usually pervert healthy relationships. For pure self-defense, shun friends. Don't tell others your weak points, hide your shadows deep in your inner self. You can maintain a relationship if it involve a benefit, as you can help others if you think fit. But allowing something else to your friend you're approaching a very dangerous abyss. I recommend not to jump. Finally, about dogs, let me joke: Men's best friend it's his blow-up doll. And what about women? Women's best friend is her dildo, or also her golden credit card, of course redirected to somebody else's bank account!

(This text was inspired by a discussion in English class. I'm very grateful to my EOI teacher Assumpta for her correction)

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aletxu ha dit...

I remember this discussion, and I could tell you about my opinion, of course different that yours, but I prefer wait you to come back to our English class and discuss about this interessant topic there. Of course, politics (understood as searching of power) makes stranges friendships...
(Sorry about my English...)